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Simon Tushev

Simon Tushev

Simon is IT professional with interests in web design, electronics, photography and astronomy. He writes about PHP, Yii, Joomla!, Arduino and several other topics.
Friday, 02 October 2015 19:44

Pale Blue Dot

There are multiple reasons to switch off your WiFi router at night - from lowering the risk to affect your health or cause insomnia to save planet's energy resources. Most routers do not have this feature, so you will have to do it manually. However, if you own a MikroTik RouterBOARD one, you can easily do it. Moreover, you can even make this automated!

Another alternative is to lower WiFi output power to minimal values. I usually run my router with 100mW output during the working hours, and 8 mW at night. Fortunately, Mikrotik RouterOS also allows to change this setting from scripts, so you can program your own power scheme.

Recently I was doing some coding in C#, which featured launching processes as another user. I've set all the necessary parameters in ProcessStartInfo object that I passed as an argument to Process.Start(... method. However, it was constantly causing an error - 'The directory name is invalid'.

We all know that it's diffucult to make backup of Windows registry. This is because OS prevents direct access to the files, even for reading, so we have to use an alternate tools. But when you are running a Recovery console (as well as any other OS) you can access those files, copy and replace them.

Thursday, 07 April 2011 16:18

Modified EEPROM library for Arduino

Very often we encounter such situations when we need to save something in EEPROM. Arduino offers functions to save\read only byte values. But what if we need to store another data types, integer for instance? Sure, we need to create a simple function that will store two bytes of integer.

But wouldn't it be more loigical to have these functions integrated to EEPROM library? Thinking like that, I've modified it, and now I'm sharing my results.

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