Saturday, August 17, 2019

About me

Hi! My name is Simon Tushev. I'm a web developer, so most content on this site is related to the Web and Joomla! development.
As well as I publish some notes related to my hobbies, such as electronics and photography.

My skills / experience

Web development

  • Front-end: Javascript/jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap/LESS, mobile-friendly development
  • Back-end: PHP, Yii/2.0, (My)SQL, XSLT, custom C#/C++, Ruby apps (not Rails!) for specific goals
  • CMS:
    • Joomla! - site design, administration, components/modules/plugins/templates development; T3 framework, Gantry & other
    • Moodle, Drupal, Wordpress - basic knowledge and administration
  • Server administration: nginx/apache, FreeBSD/Linux environment, virtualization, forensics

Desktop development

  • C#/WPF, Metro UI, SpeechAPI, T-SQL, OLAP, LINQ
  • Ruby & Python for scripting & automation
  • Matlab/Octave (various calculations, parallel computing, GUI) for research tasks with complex mathematics
  • C++11

I also have some background in LUA, classic C, assembler, Visual Basic but these languages are not my preffered ones.

General skills

  • OS: Windows (3.1 - 10), Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu preffered), MacOS X, FreeBSD/OpenBSD
  • Version control: git (preffered), svn


  • Adobe Photoshop - collages, photo processing, website design
  • CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP - basic knowledge


  • Analog/digital circuitry background
  • Atmel AVR platform, C/C++, asm, i8051
  • P-CAD, Eagle experience, small-series PCB manufacturing process
  • Mechanical engineering, Autodesk Inventor 
  • Proteus
  • Arduino platform for hobby projects / fast prototyping ;)


  • MSc in Applied Computer Science
  • MSc/DI in RadioElectronics Engineering Technology


Here I publish articles related to my areas of interest, my brief notes that may save some time to others, as well as some of my works.

This site is a work in progress. I will add more sections in the future, such as

  • More photos to photogallery
  • More Joomla!-related articles
  • ...



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