The Lightning Storm

The Lightning Storm

A photo by Simon Tushev. Functioning photogallery will be available later.

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Joomla! extensions and resources

your source of tutorials and solutions

Still under construction

Still under construction

More sections and materials will be added in the future


While being mostly a hobby, photography is the thing I'm crazy of. I constatantly try something new - to learn more and improve my skills.

Some of my works are available in Photography section.


Web expert

Over 5 years of experience in web design, Joomla!, JS/jQuery programming.

Web is my passion.

The main goals for me are usability and high aestetical standards.

Engineer & Researcher

I cannot say electronics is my passion, but it plays an important role in my life. I often design schemes and PCBs for both my personal and professional needs.

I've a degree in Electrical & Radio Engineering and now I'm continuing scientific research.

Hi! My name is Simon Tushev. I'm a photographer and web designer.

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Site still under construction

I will add more sections in the future

  • My works / Photogallery
  • More Joomla!-related articles
  • Personal blog
  • Arduino articles from the old site (done)

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